faith youth STUDENT MINISTRy

                                                                                                                     Grades 6-12

                                                                                                   Wednesdays 6:15p – 8:00p

Faith Youth is a ministry specifically designed to give students a place to BEGIN as they discover what God’s purpose is for their lives. The Faith Youth facility is an energetic place where students can chill with friends, engage in music by students, and hear relevant messages of hope. Faith Youth is a family made up of all sizes, shapes, and colors, from all different backgrounds, who love God, love others, and are a bridge that connects the two. That’s what makes this family great!

        Summer Camp                   Registration

Hey!!! This is everything you need to know about camp. You will need to select Anderson Faith Church and WEEK ONE, June 5th-9th. If you choose to pay $50 to reserve your spot, that is nonrefundable. The remaining $235 will be due by May 11th. Register yourself   HERE