Student Ministries


re:mix student ministries  // grades 6-12 (wednesdays 6:15p – 8:15p) 

Simple Logore:mix is a ministry specifically designed to give students a place to BEGIN as they discover what God’s purpose is for their lives. the re:mix facility is an energetic place where students can chill with friends, engage in music by students, and hear relevant messages of hope. re:mix is a family made up of all sizes, shapes, and colors, from all different backgrounds, who love God, love others, and are a bridge that connects the two. That's what makes this family great!


IRON small groups // 1st Wednesday of each month


IRON groups are the "next step" to students who regularly attend re:mix. IRON groups help make our large group smaller to ensure that students feel cared for and that they BELONG.

IRON groups meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month DURING re:mix hours. Each group has a caring adult re:mix leader who provides affection, connection, and direction to each student.



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