Ibaby_stepsn our Early Childhood 'Baby Steps' classes we use Clubhousejr logoengaging activities to introduce pre-school children (ages birth to 5) to God. The curriculum, First Look, gives children a first impression of their heavenly Father and the wonder of His love for each one of them.  We provide a balance of themed activities, crafts, songs and games with lots of one-on-one love and attention from our team of volunteers.


The Truth of God's Word can be taught and encouraged in the lives of our littlest babies to our growing Kindergartners.  Join us in the journey by utilizing these resources. Each month a memory verse is provided in your child's classroom, with a take home card available.  To continue the learning at home, ParentCue cards are provided in our monthly newsletter, Parenting Christian Kids.  ParentCue cards offer ideas for age appropriate activities that encourage Biblical literacy. Pick one up in our Family Corner or Kids Check-in Desk at the church.  For our PreK and Kinder Kids you can watch each week's video, 'Ollie's Clubhouse' online.  Links are provide on our Faith Church Facebook page.


In 'The Clubhouse' we recognize that  elementary-age kids (Kindergarten- 5th) are in a constant state of discovery. Our Kindergartners continue their discovery with the First Look curriculum, just like our Early Childhood classes, but they take learning about God a step further with combined worship time with the older students and age appropriate games and activities to make the Biblical message stick.  Our older students (1st -5th grades) use the 252 BASICS curriculum and resources to PROVOKE DISCOVERY, inviting kids to live out their new understanding of how to grow in relationship with God and with others.  Our Sunday ministry time begins with our Kinders Clubhouse Jr1st-3rd graders-Clubhouse & 4th-5th graders-Quake 2012-Quake_bannerspending time in their respective break-out rooms for a short time of fun interaction with their peers and leaders -developing relationships vital for discipleship.  Next, all the kids come together in the Clubhouse for corporate service time, where God's truth is communicated in engaging ways and they are invited to respond to God through worship.  We wrap up our Sunday ministry with grade specific small groups (back in their "break-out rooms") where age appropriate activities, discussion, and Bible studies take place to deepen their understanding of the week's Life App.


The fun and learning continues at home with GodTime Cards; a take-home sheet that provides weekly devotions that encourage action beyond the church experience.  Studio252.tv is another resource available to continue the conversation of Godly principles at home.  Children can use the website to connect to the Life Apps they are learning each week in The Clubhouse.  Parents, you can also engage with your child in further study by utilizing the ParentCue, which is provided in our monthly parent newsletter, Parenting Christian Kids.  You can also watch the lesson videos at Studio252.tv with your child and interact with them through the website.  


The fun and learning continue during the week with our Kid Clubs.  Whether it's a Wednesday night Sunlight Kids, Rangers or MPact class or weekend meets for JBQ, our Faith Church Kids grow in Biblical knowledge and community.  Learning God's Word and living it out through service and obedience are what you can expect from our Kid Clubs!


Junior Bible Quiz offers a fun, exciting way to motivate kids to understand the all-important truths in God’s Word through cooperative learning and team competition.

Practice: 9:00am - 10:00am, 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month.

Competition Meets: 1st Saturday of Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb & Mar.



Birth - 3 years


Boys & Girls - 4 years



Mpact-Girls-ClubsGirls K-2nd grades & Girls 3rd-5th grades





Boys K-2nd grades & Boys 3rd-5th grades