At Faith Church, we believe that children are a gift from God.  We recognize the importance that, from an early age, children have an opportunity to experience Jesus’ love and forgiveness.  Programs are available for kids in every service from infants through 5th Grade.  Your children will enjoy learning about God in fun and exciting ways that will benefit your whole family.

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Sunday Morning Ministries - Kingdom Kids

"Baby Steps"(0 - 3 years old)

 In “Baby Steps” our caring nursery ministry team will be a blessing to you and your precious children. This safe and fun environment will have your little one eager to return. Most of all, our desire is to partner with parents as they raise their children to become all God has created them to be. Available during Sunday and Wednesday ministry times.


"Clubhouse Jr." (PreK - Kinder)  & "Clubhouse Kids" (grades 1-3)

clubhouse_signThis is not your ordinary Sunday School. From beginning to end, both "Clubhouse Jr" and "Clubhouse Kids” are safe and fun environments where kids will discover the joy of living a Christ-centered Clubhousejr logolife.Kids will play team-oriented games, experience energetic praise and worship, and be captivated by interactive teaching. Methods include: object lessons, Bible stories, skits, and practical curriculum that is relevant to kids’ lives today. This is one church service your child will not soon forget. Our trained team of adult leaders will interact with your child, and help them discover the importance of developing a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.  Available during Sunday ministry times.

 Quake 45 (grades 4-5) 
 What an exciting ministry! Quake is geared specifically for children in grades 4-5. There is enough energy in this gathering of students to make 2012-Quake_bannerthe Energizer Bunny look like a wimp. Through exciting songs, fun games, genuine friendships and practical teaching, your student will discover that God has an incredible plan for their life. Our hope is that this ministry will help your child develop a firm foundation, a solid faith and a deep sense of security as they enter into Middle School years. Available during Sunday ministry times.
Bridging the gap between our early elementary students and our tweens is our
Corporate Sunday morning Clubhouse/Quake Kids Service.
1st - 5th graders start they morning in their small group breakout rooms with games and socialization.  AT 10:10 all the students gather in The Clubhouse for a corporate time of WORSHIP, a BIBLE MESSAGE & PRAYER. After service, each grade level return to their breakout rooms for age appropriate small group discussion, games and activities that help the children apply what their learned during service.

 Wednesday Night Kid's Clubs

SunlightKidsSunlight Kids  Birth through 3 years

 Our Kids Club program begin with our Sunlight Kids Club. This ministry is designed specifically for our littlest ones. Our Sunlight Kids ministry takes Wednesday night care beyond babysitting.  We know that infants and toddlers are constantly absorbing bits of information, so in Sunlight Kids we use the best method of teaching for these little minds: repetition. Every month, kids discover a foundational Bible story that reinforces a timeless truth from God’s Word. Then that truth is repeated again and again through songs, guided play times, and activities perfect for their level of development.

 RaiRainbows2013nbows  4 and 5 year old Boys and Girls.

 Our Royal Ranger and Missionettes program begin with our Rainbows Club. This ministry is designed specifically for children ages 4 and 5. Rainbows will help your child discover how to be a helper for Jesus. This club helps kids discover how to apply the truths of God’s Word to their lives. Your child will enjoy a safe and healthy environment for social interaction with other children their age. Through badge earning, children gain a sense of accomplishment and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem. Fun games, crafts and engaging Bible stories cap off each week of this enjoyable Pre-K Club.

Royal Rangers (Boys) & Mpact (Girls) grades K-5

Royal Rangers and Mpact are our school-aged ministry dedicated to reaching, teaching and training boys and girls to be dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. Our  desire is that boys aMpact-Girls-Clubsnd girls have fun growing in their relationship with Jesus while learning about the Bible. Caring men and women mentor boys and girls by providing encRoyalRangers-4cLogoouragement, support and accountability. The focus of this exciting Christ-centered ministry is the weekly Outpost and Club gatherings. Each week students are challenged to follow Christ through age-appropriate teaching, fun group activities and achievement rewards. But there is more! Special activities, such as, field trips, retreats, camping and awards celebrations are also part of this character building ministry. Our goal is to assist our parents in raising their child to be a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. Available during Wednesday night ministry times.


BIG Night  Kids 4 years old to 5th grade 

 On the first Friday of every month (Thank God it's First Friday) FaithChurch hosts an exciting, fun and Christ-centered evening where everything is BIG! There are BIG games and BIG relays; BIG crafts and BIG snacks and most of all there is a BIG story about a GREAT BIG God who truly cares about little children. This ministry is designed for your little one to develop a BIG heart for a BIG God while parents spend time in the BIG church enjoying our TG1F ministry time.

Junior Bible Quiz  Kids 4 years – 6th Grade


 JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz) is an exciting discipleship program with a competitive twist.
In JBQ kids learn the importance of teamwork as their team competes against different churches in various Bible Quiz Meets. Each team member will be encouraged to memorizing various scriptures and bible questions and will be quizzed in a fashion much like the television show “The Brain Game”. However, this ministry is about MUCH more than competition. Winning badges and trophies are only a small component of the JBQ plan. This is a creative way for any child to have God’s Word shape their minds and hearts. The Bible reminds us, knowing His Word has life-long benefits.